Light, Spacious, Open-Plan Living

Our quest for light, spacious, open-plan living means that dining rooms are no longer annexed off and reserved for Sunday best. The dining space has evolved monumentally over the years and many are now taking part in the open-plan trend by knocking through to the living room – which will in turn maximize space and light. It’s easy to create an open-plan living-dining room, but you must remember that the space will need to be practical as it will serve more than one purpose.

Remember, the main reason for creating an open-plan space is to maximize the floor area – therefore the floor material is of key importance. Tiles have always been the most popular, hardwearing choice as there is an enormous selection of designs and sizes available. They are also perfect for use with underfloor heating – leaving no cold spots and distributing even radiant heat.

A seamless look if often preferred in an open-plan space, and by seamless we mean smooth and continuous. Opt for large format tiles to achieve this look as they offer a no-nonsense, sleek and unfussy aesthetic. Using tiles of this size results in far fewer grout lines, allowing a clean and uninterrupted finish.

A benefit of an open-plan scheme is that you can create distinct areas that are otherwise known as zones. By creating zones there is no need for building a permanent, solid structure that may disturb the flow and harmonious feel of your space. One way to do this is to divide the space into zones and introduce different types of tiles - whether that is difference in material, pattern, colour or shape.

Wood effect tiles can also deliver a sense of visually appealing character to an open-plan space, as they can be laid seamlessly across large expanses of floor. Wood effect tiles have become somewhat difficult to distinguish from their natural counterparts, and this is all thanks to modern printing techniques. They offer all the interest of a timber floor, but without the associated price tag – and along with their durability and low-maintenance qualities makes them additionally attractive to consumers.

Open-plan living remains extremely popular as it seems to sit comfortably with the way most people (and in particular families) live nowadays. There has been a marked downturn in the popularity of formal dining and this has tied in with the rise of open-plan living.

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