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Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but there is no reason for it to be any less stylish. Thanks to Crown Tiles and own fantastic range of bathroom tiles, finding the perfect product to update your bathroom can be easy. Whether you have a sleek modern space which requires cool and contemporary tiles, or whether your bathroom is more traditional in design and needs a classic touch of style, our ranges are sure to feature tiles to complement and enhance your home.

Our competitive prices means that you needn’t spend a fortune on refreshing your bathroom, whilst the quality of our products means that you can feel confident that you will receive fantastic value for money when shopping with Crown Tiles. From ceramic tiles in a variety of colours and finishes, to mosaic tiles for a splash of colour, we have bathroom tiles for every home. Take a closer look at our range of products now, and place your order today for a quick delivery of high quality tiles.

What Tiles should you have on your Bathroom Walls?

This is a question that many people ponder over when choosing bathroom wall tiles for their bathroom at home. Many people wish for them to be relatively neutral in colour, preferring to add accents and tones through accessories. But many people also wish for them to have some pattern or shimmer to the tile to make the walls more interesting, many choosing to add a border in a contrasting or textured tile to add some depth and personality to the bathroom wall.

Crown Tiles has a wide range of tiles for you to choose from for your bathroom walls. Take advantage of the images found on each of the bathroom wall tiles images for a better idea of how the tiles will look in your bathroom and for style tips on what to pair them with. Also don’t forget to use the samples service that is provided, allows you to feel confident in your purchase as you will get a chance to try the tiles on your bathroom wall.

What Tiles should you have on your Bathroom Floors?

Bathroom floor tiles are more important than people realise, you are after all going to be walking on these tiles bare footed and also when they are wet. Safety features such as non-slip bathroom floor tiles are a must have. Does this mean you have to compromise on style? The answer is no. Crown Tiles offer a wide number of bathroom floor tiles that are non-slip, they also have many natural stone bathroom floor tiles that have non-slip properties to enable you to have quality with safety.

Like with the bathroom wall tiles, make sure you take advantage of the images found on each of the bathroom floor tiles images for a better idea of what the tiles will look like in practice and what to match the tiles with.


If you want any advice or knowledge on the best kind of bathroom wall or floor tile for your bathroom, simply contact Crown Tiles today on 0800 156 0756 and speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be able to help you. They can also give you advice about the equipment needed to fit these tiles to your bathroom walls and floors; simply give them a call today.



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