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Bathroom Tiles

Crown Tiles aim to supply you with tiles that you can enjoy for years. That is why the options available for bathroom wall and floor tiles are seemingly endless. To help you find exactly what you are looking for, utilise our site filter to order our products by price, tile type and even colour. Once you have found your tile of choice, order a free sample or use our calculator to find out exactly how many tiles you will need to complete your project.

Whatever the size or shape of your room, our extensive selection of bathroom wall and floor tiles will allow you to add your own personal touch to your space. Whether that style is sleek and modern or more traditional, the wide array of products available at fantastic prices makes Crown Tiles the only place to find quality tiles at great prices. If you are preparing to renovate or decorate your bathroom you will surely already have an idea of the style you want to achieve and the result that you would like. 

Generally, the first step to pass from the idea only to the actual realisation is to choose how and what to coat it with. Before approaching the tour of showrooms and bathroom furniture range to, it is good to keep in mind that flooring and coating are the heart of the style you want to give to your bathroom. Showing their matching is therefore crucial to avoid having to end up with an environment that does not represent that they can be optimised and inserted in the Dar Lighting Wall section.


The best tiles for your bathroom

When looking for the best tiles for your bathroom, it is important not only to find a style and material that will suit the overall aesthetics of your space, but to be sure of the quality of the tiles you are purchasing.

The most beautiful bathing suits include several materials, even precious. Among the most popular types of materials there is marble, porcelain stoneware, mosaic, cement, resin and even wood. Choosing the right material depends on many factors. First you should choose a tile or a lining that follows your tastes. Then you should think about the furnishings of your home and find something that is suitable for the context. Finally, it is good to lay something that is easy to clean, that it is water resistant and that it does not splinter or stain easily. If you do not know what to choose, be advised by an architect or an interior designer. 

We currently hold a Trust Pilot rating of five stars, which is testament to the excellence of our products as well as our dedication to fantastic customer service. When trying to find which tiles are the best for your project, why not consult one of our tile experts? You can get in touch by phoning 0800 156 0756 for professional advice taken from years within the industry. They can even offer advice on the installation of your new tiles to ensure the very best finish to your project.

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