Wall Tiles

At Crown Tiles, we carry an extensive range of wall tiles to suit any property. Wall tiles are an increasingly popular alternative to paint and wallpa...

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Wall Tiles

At Crown Tiles, we carry an extensive range of wall tiles to suit any property. Wall tiles are an increasingly popular alternative to paint and wallpaper, thanks to their durability, stain resistance and on-trend designs. We stock wall tiles of all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Renovate your kitchen, bathroom or living space with our diverse selection of styles. Whether you want to capture modern minimalism with a simple metro tile, or design a beautiful feature wall with our mosaic collection, we’ve got you covered.

New tiles are the perfect way to refresh any living space. Be bold with floor-to-ceiling tiling, or break up a space with a feature wall or border. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our array of matt, gloss, monochrome, vibrant, ceramic and porcelain wall tiles.

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Wall Tiles

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  1. Metro Wall Tiles (24)
  2. Cuarcita Range (4)
  3. Hannah Range (3)
  4. Desa Range (3)
  5. Living Range (4)
  6. Globe Range (16)
  7. Arena Range (3)
  8. Boston Range (2)
  9. Tigris Range (1)
  10. Double Loaded Range (2)
  11. Fresno Range (2)
  12. Everyday Range (1)
  13. Eramosa Range (7)
  14. Metro Range (24)
  15. Nikea Range (2)
  16. Hexagon Range (4)
  17. Metallic Range (3)
  18. Inca Range (4)
  19. Quarcity Range (5)
  20. Alhambra Range (4)
  21. Delhi Range (6)
  22. Kendal Range (10)
  23. Bromley Range (4)
  24. Diamanato Range (10)
  25. Satin Range (10)
  26. Agora Range (3)
  27. Atlanta Range (8)
  28. Brillo Liso Range (1)
  29. Bumpy White Range (4)
  30. Danubio Range (4)
  31. Chelsea Range (6)
  32. Chicago Range (8)
  33. Richmond Range (2)
  34. Sienna Range (1)
  35. Super Polished Range (8)
  36. Tanami Range (2)
  37. Travertine Range (2)
  38. Quartz Range (21)
  39. Palace Range (1)
  40. Etna Range (4)
  41. Flat Wall Tiles Range (2)
  42. Kensington Range (4)
  43. Liche Range (2)
  44. New York Range (4)
  45. Replace Range (15)
  46. Pimlico Range (3)
  47. Milestone Range (5)
  48. Rustico Range (19)
  49. Nolita Range (3)
  50. Day & Night Range (18)
  51. Indiana Range (2)
  52. Patterned Wall Tiles (16)
  53. Brooklyn Range (3)
  54. Tribeca Range (3)
  55. Wall Art Range (4)
  56. Cubics Range (2)
  57. Carrara Range (3)
  58. English Stone Range (8)
  59. Pietre Di Fiume Range (12)
  60. Palissandro Range (3)
  61. Tahiti Range (3)
  62. Silex Range (8)
  63. Antica Range (2)
  64. Portobello Range (3)
  65. Aston Range (9)
  66. Rust Range (3)
  67. Valar Range (6)
  68. Vendome Range (1)
  69. Mugat Range (2)
  70. Marais Range (1)
  71. Denia Range (2)
  72. Porto Range (1)
  73. Grunge Range (5)
  74. Malvarrosa Range (1)
  75. Victorian Range (1)
  76. Note Range (3)
  77. Dartmoor Range (2)
  78. Sagrestano Range (1)
  79. Patterned Tiles (15)
  80. Decorative Tiles (30)
  81. Wall Tile Borders (19)
  82. Best Sellers (20)
  83. Special Offers (13)
  84. Cheap Kitchen Tiles (13)
  85. Cheap White Tiles (16)
  86. Cheap Wall Tiles (25)
  87. Cheap Bathroom Tiles (27)
  88. Latest Ranges (66)
  89. Mosaics (42)
  1. WhiteCreamBrownRedGreenBlueYellowBlackPinkGreyNaturalTerracottaMetallicMulticolourBeigeMixedIvoryClear
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  • Metro Wall Tiles

    Size: 20x10cm

    Metro Wall Tiles
    24 Products Price from £11.49
  • Cuarcita Range

    Size: 50x27cm

    Cuarcita Range
    4 Products Price from £19.99
  • Hannah Range

    Size: 60x25cm

    Hannah Range
    3 Products Price from £17.99
  • Desa Range

    Size: 60x30cm

    Desa Range
    3 Products Price from £19.99
  • Living Range

    Size: 45x7.5cm

    Living Range
    4 Products Price from £39.99
  • Globe Range

    Size: 58x23.5cm

    Globe Range
    16 Products Price from £3.49
  • Arena Range

    Size: 60x40cm

    Arena Range
    3 Products Price from £17.99
  • Boston Range

    Size: 51.5x25.7cm

    Boston Range
    2 Products Price from £15.49
  • Tigris Range

    Size: 45x15cm

    Tigris Range
    1 Products Price from £25.49
  • Double Loaded Range

    Size: 60x30 & 60x60cm

    Double Loaded Range
    2 Products Price from £24.49
  • Fresno Range

    Size: 60x30cm

    Fresno Range
    2 Products Price from £19.99
  • Everyday Range

    Everyday Range
    1 Products Price from £9.99
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Why choose Crown Tiles for your wall tiles?

We are committed to bringing you only the best tiles, and don’t compromise on style or quality. Our wall tiles are selected for their strength and stunning motifs. We offer tile accessories, including grout and tools, for you to complete any job. With our online tile calculator, creating your dream home is now easier than ever. We stock the best tiles at competitive prices, with flexible delivery.

We offer a sample service where you can order up to 4 10cmx10cm tile samples to ensure you make the right choice. We aim to deliver these on a next day service to allow you to get your tiling project underway as quickly as possible.

Should you choose ceramic or porcelain wall tiles?

It can be hard to tell the difference between porcelain and ceramic and their manufacturing process is indeed very similar. But the two cannot be used interchangeably.

The distinction lies in the materials used and the firing process. Ceramic tiles are made using generic clay while porcelain tiles contain only fine white clay.  Porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramics and are denser and less porous.

As a result, ceramics are an affordable choice for walls in low moisture areas. Because of their durability and water resistance, porcelain tiles are ideal for bathroom walls and splashbacks.

Wall tile trends and ideas from Crown Tiles

If you’re planning a renovation, new wall tiles are the perfect way to give your home an instant lift. It can be easy to overlook the importance of new tiles, but walls and floors make the biggest difference to the look and feel of any space.

Bring a touch of modernity to your home with our bestselling metro range. This simple style is small but mighty. Its versatility means it is the ideal tile for almost any space. At Crown Tiles, we stock metro tiles of all colours and sizes to offer limitless possibilities for your home.

If you’re looking to create a luxuriant feel in your bathroom or kitchen, look no further than our stunning natural stone collections. The colour and pattern variations of natural stone are one of the finest design gifts that nature has to offer. Bring the outdoors indoors with a unique natural stone wall. Soft beige tones add a warm ambience while marble styles ooze pure opulence.

Mosaic tiles have an enduring popularity and it isn’t hard to see why. Our extensive mosaic tile range features a myriad of different colours, shapes, sizes and finishes. So whether you’re planning a feature wall, a border, or an all-over makeover, our mosaic collection has got you covered.

If you’re feeling bold, you may want to use patterned tiles in your plans. They’re perfect for adding character to a design feature, or for creating a designated ‘zone’ in an open-plan space. Subtle patterns in muted colours can be used all-over to striking effect, but patterned tiles often create the biggest impact in isolated areas.

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