“Excellent service, very fast delivery, we ordered sample tiles and they arrived next day as promised”

Alan Cheetham

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Tom Walker

WIS1460 7.3-14.6m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Perfect cable for wet rooms
A thick insulated cable perfect for wet rooms. It comes with 10 years of warranty and SafetyNet Installation guarantee.
Harley Shaw

WIS1200 6.0-12.0m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Excellent Customer Service
Smart customer executives who help their customers with politeness Love the service, thank you for such service.
Leon Gibson

WIS760 3.8-7.6m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Top quality product
2 years back, I revamped my old living room tiles with new ones and before the tiling process I installed this wire for underfloor heating. Till now I haven’t faced any problem in the underfloor heating. It is a top quality product which comes with 10 years of warranty. Totally worth the price.
Alonzo Barr

WIS500 2.5-5.0m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Safe cable
One the most safe and thick cable I have ever used. Totally worth the price. It has a thick metallic insulation which makes it superior over the other cables.
Amari Lott

WIS390 2.0-3.9m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

High customer service
You guys are simply wonderful. It was a great experience buying with you and it was amazing. Looking forward to do more business with you.
Callum Phillips

WIS180 0.9-1.8m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Versatile product
One of the most versatile wires I have ever used in my life. It can be installed easily in any type of floor.
Mario Byrd

WIS1000 5.0-10.0m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Best qulaity product
Telling you from my personal experience, I revamped my bathroom floor for heating purposes and used this wire. Loved the product.
Casey Rice

WIS3370 16.9-33.7m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Suitable for new build
The best cable among all the other options available online and in the market. Being an architect myself I suggest all my clients to use this cable for heating purposes before laying down the new floor.
Davis Dejesus

WIS1550 7.8-15.5m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Friendly Service Providers
I have already recommended your service to all my friends, you all are doing a great job. Love the service.
Aidyn Welch

WIS1770 8.9-17.7m2 WarmUp Inscreed Cable

Easy to cover
It was a spectacular product. The wire is thick yet very easy to cover. I covered my floor with marble tiles and the wire caused no problem in tiling process

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