How To Tile Maintenance

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Crown tile offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance material for the cleaning and maintenance of floor tiles and wall tiles.

As you may be aware some wall and floor tiles need more maintenance than other, if you have got natural stone tiles they will need to be treated with sealers which will than protect the tiles from any potential stains as these tiles are very absorbent. Glazed porcelain tiles will also need to be sealed as the surface of the tiles are also absorbent to stains. If the tiles are left untreated further down the line you will see that the surface will turn black where the dirt has absorbed in to the tiles making it hard to clean them back to its original condition. Where ceramic tiles do not need any protective treatment once they are laid, the only maintenance they need is cleaning them from time to time.

The top 3 point in tile maintenance are as follows;


Before sealing takes place the area should be inspected for adhesive residues and general dirt deposits. The areas must be perfectly clean and dry before applying sealant as any dirt or other deposits may interfere with the sealing process and become more permanent. It is recommended that all areas that require sealing are cleaned. There are a few different products that will protect stone. Each has its own characteristics and has been designed to give a required finish or to be used with a specific stone.


For all natural stone, Granfix Floor Tile Grout is recommended. Flexible admixtures should be used in the correct proportions where appropriate. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, remembering that polished finishes can be scratched by hard or abrasive objects. The grout should be applied over the whole area ensuring that the joints are completely filled. Remove excess grout with a damp sponge, making sure that it is rinsed out frequently with clean water.


The following products are available to keep natural stone looking at its best. Many of the products are used for more than one type of stone; however, it is important to use the right product that applies to your material.

How To Tile Maintenance


Another product which is also helpful incase someone has painted graffiti on any part of your property is Fila No Paint Star, as you can see from the video below they show you an example of graffiti and how easy it is to take off once applied. In the past we have had to just put up with this problem but now we can do something about it.