Warmup 4ie Thermostat - Life Time Warranty

Warmup Underfloor Heating have introduced the Warmup 4ie to there extensive selection of thermostats, it has got some great features which really keep up with the modern technology of today. Years a go a thermostat would only allow you to turn it on/off, and set it to what temperature you like. Not anymore the Warmup 4ie allows you to get traffic and travel alerts on the homescreen, check the weather within a 7 day local forecast and Upload your very own photo background.

The Warmup 4ie has a WiFi programe which is simple to setup. it is very much like a smartphone. It has an easy to use programming system which is very much like the Warmup 3ie thermostat, but the 4ie has a built in preset for quick setup, alternatively you can let the thermostat learn from you and program itself after a couple of weeks.

If you want to purchase one of the Warmup 4ie Thermostats click on the picture of the Thermostat you want below.


Warmup Underfloor Heating White 4ie                  Warmup Underfloor Heating Black 4ie


Smart Overrides allows you to control and change setting of your entire system in seconds. If you generally have your thermostat preset to come on at 5pm of an evening and you unexpectedly on your smartphone just press Home Late and tell MyWarmup how long you'll be. Once you have done this it will temporarily change the setting so your not heating an empty home. Now most thermostats can be controlled by a smartphone, Only the Warmup 4ie tells you the best temperatures for your home, by doing this Warmup will save you up to £200 on your energy bills.

Allowing the thermostat to learn from your living pattern it will learn the unique way your house behaves when heated, for example like the time it takes to cool down and warm up your designated room. The more time you leave the thermostat to learn from you the more money it will save you long term.

Over the years Warmup Underfloor Heating has worked with a wide range of families, testing and making sure that the information the Warmup 4ie gives to you is correct.

Warmup are offering a lifetime guarantee on the white and black 4ie thermostat to customers who order purchase one before the end of August 2015,



The 4iE works automatically with this research to give you personalized expert insights into more efficient ways to use your heating. Our post-occupancy programme provides us with over 1 million precise measurements per day from real homes being used by real families. Our experts work with these families to show them how to keep their homes warm and save money.

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