Mosaic Tiles

Just like any other tile, mosaics can be used on the wall, primarily as border tiles to break up larger wall tiles. This really helps to create a uniq...

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Mosaic Tiles

Just like any other tile, mosaics can be used on the wall, primarily as border tiles to break up larger wall tiles. This really helps to create a unique flair within your room with eye-catching patterns and intricate designs. It is also more economical! Crown Tiles believes that subtle, yet stylish mosaic tiles can really enhance and tie a room together. Therefore, we want to offer you an intricately-crafted collection of glass, natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles, so that you can create a sophisticated living environment within your home.

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  • All Mosaics

    All Mosaics
    52 Products Price from £1.69
  • Ceramic Mosaics

    Ceramic Mosaics
    12 Products Price from £1.69
  • Glass Mosaics

    Glass Mosaics
    33 Products Price from £12.99
  • Stone Mosaics

    Stone Mosaics
    2 Products Price from £11.49
  • Metal Mosaics

    Metal Mosaics
    14 Products Price from £12.99
  • Marble Mosaics

    Marble Mosaics
    5 Products Price from £16.49
  • Porcelain Mosaics

    Porcelain Mosaics
    5 Products Price from £17.49
  • Mixed Mosaics

    Mixed Mosaics
    31 Products Price from £3.49
  • Travertine Mosaics

    Travertine Mosaics
    0 Products Price from £0.00
  • Beige Mosaics

    Beige Mosaics
    15 Products Price from £3.49
  • Black Mosaics

    Black Mosaics
    13 Products Price from £3.99
  • Brown Mosaics

    Brown Mosaics
    8 Products Price from £2.29
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Mosaic Wall & Floor Tiles

Unique and stylish, mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen looking for a splash of colour. At Crown Tiles we have a fantastic selection, available in a huge range of beautiful finishes and colours – and all are great value for money! Below you will find a superb selection of mosaic tiles to suit all tastes and budgets. From the cool and sophisticated look of our irregular black slate mosaic tile and the neutral hues of our pebble tiles and beige mosaic tiles to the bright, relaxing tones of the 2.3x2.3cm element ocean - we are confident you will find exactly what you are searching for right here. Our selection of mosaics will inspire and successfully transform a simplistic room into a restful oasis. If you require further advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch and call us today on 0800 156 0756.

Our huge range means that we have a plethora of styles and designs available for any purpose. From contemporary metallic designs, to a more rustic and stone look, we truly have something for every household. Our tiles are versatile - we stock tiles with glossy, matt and satin finishes, so they can be used in conjunction with existing décor. You can pair with kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles – the choice is yours!

When it comes to tiles, you want something that will match the aesthetics of your room. Therefore, we offer free samples to our customers. We fully recommend that you take full advantage of our free sample service. By ordering a free sample of our mosaic tiles, you can examine their full beauty before purchasing. These will then be delivered promptly through your door the next day - free of charge!

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