Polished Porcelain

Without a doubt, polished porcelain tiles are tremendously popular in the world of interior design – and have been for quite some time. The main reason they are stealing the limelight is the fact they possess an impressive sheen and highly reflective surface that can help add depth and dimension to a space. Not only are they extremely hardwearing and practical, but they are perfect for consumers who are searching for a product that requires minimal maintenance.

Polished porcelain tiles are ideal for large seamless spaces, as they will not only look impressive – but they will cover the space with ease and will not look lost within it. This is all down to the fact that they are generally manufactured in large sizes which results in a space gaining a no-nonsense, sleek and unfussy appearance. Using tiles of this size results in far fewer grout lines, allowing a clean and uninterrupted finish – perfect for those with an open-plan living space.

Thanks to modern production techniques, they can now be made to mimic other surfaces – such as concrete and marble. For example; Magnum White is an incredibly versatile marble effect tile that offers an elegant, sophisticated look that will stand the test of time in heavy traffic areas. This tile would be especially suitable for large areas where the design could be appreciated, especially because of the veins within it.

In the kitchen, polished porcelain tiles are the most hardwearing choice as they are waterproof, stain resistant and scratch-proof - as well as being easy to maintain. Opt for those with neutral shades as this will help create the illusion of space and allow light to bounce around the room. In the kitchen, where the tile is also likely to be subjected to high amounts of moisture – we recommend that you check if they will require sealing as some porcelain tiles are slightly porous.


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