How To Level an Uneven Floor

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Your floor needs to be flat to make sure you get the perfect finish, no-one wants a lip at the edge of the tile, which will make the floor look unprofessional, will make the floor ineffective at resisting water and will also create a trip hazard in the room.


Firstly, to check if your floor is flat enough, you need to take a 2 meter long straight edge spirit level or ruler, lay it on the floor and rotate it 360 degrees, if there are any gaps between the floor and spirit level larger than 3mm, then you will require to level the floor for it to be suitable for tiles.


First of all, you’re best to mark up the more problematic dips and make sure these areas are levelled correctly. It is always recommended to seal the dust into the floor with an acrylic bonding priming agent. Mix the Leveller to the specifications on the bag, then pour onto the floor, and level it out as best as possible with a float, don’t spend too much time flattening it, as it will mostly level it self out as it spreads across the floor, you are best off levelling the room in quarters, taking care to not mix too much at once, you don’t want it to partly set before you pour it.


Once the floor is covered and the wet leveller looks flat, put your feet up, and have a cuppa.


How To Level An Uneven Floor