How To Lay Mosaic Tiles

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First you need to prepare the wall, ensure it is smooth, dry and clean. The wall should then be primed with an acrylic priming agent to provide a perfect surface for the adhesive to adhere to. If you are using the mosaics as a border, your normal wall adhesive should suffice for tiling this small area, if you are tiling a large area of the wall in mosaics, we highly recommend that you use a superior adhesive, such as the multifix adhesive.


Apply the adhesive to the wall, in the same fashion as when tiling normal wall tiles, the sheets of mosaics should then be fixed by pressing them into this combed adhesive. A staggered brick patter should be used, allowing for a grout joint the same size as the spaces in-between the individual mosaic pieces.


A rubber faced float should be used to push on the face of the mosaic, to fully imbed the mosaic into the Adhesive. Any Excess that is squashed into the joints, or onto the face of the mosaic, should be removed with a damp cloth or sponge immediately.


These Sheets can be cut into many shapes, by using a Stanley blade on the string mesh netting that the individual mosaics are attached to. The individual mosaic tiles, can be cut using a tile scribe to scribe the line to be cut and then nippers should be used to snap the piece where needed.


24 hours should pass after the fixing of the mosaics, to allow for the adhesive to fully set. We recommend Powdered Grout, as these tend to be the highest quality. The Grout should be mixed with water to the specifications on the bag, (Mosaics take up a lot more grout than normal tiles, as they have many more grout joints). After the grout is mixed to your liking, work the grout into all the joints with a rubber faced Grouting Float or grouting squeegee, wipe away excess grout with a damp cloth or sponge as you go.


After leaving the grout to dry for a recommended 24 hours, there should be a residual grout dust covering the mosaics, this must be buffed off with a dry cloth, being careful to not inhale any of the dust.


We recommend wearing protective clothing, such as Gloves and Goggles when cutting and fixing tiles and grouting. A face mask should be worn when grouting/dusting, to prevent inhaling any of the grout residues.



How To Lay Mosaic Tiles