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Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen can make a big difference to the look and feel of your space. We have a great selection of kitchen tiles in a variety of styles, colours and finishes to complement every style of kitchen – whether your space is cool and contemporary or classical and traditional.

Updating your kitchen with new wall or floor tiles is a simple yet effective way to transform this busy area of your home. If you don’t have the budget or the time for a major kitchen redesign, simply replacing your existing tiles with new ones from Crown Tiles could be a quicker and more affordable alternative. Our online store is designed to make it easy to order new tiles for your kitchen, and is the perfect place to pick up high quality tiles at highly competitive prices. Browse our range of kitchen tiles now to see for yourself the great products that we have on offer.

What Tiles should you have on your Kitchen Walls?

This is a question that many people face when redesigning or retiling their kitchen walls. It is important that these tiles whilst being visually good to look at, are also practical and suit the setting of the kitchen and the fixtures and fittings already there (unless you are doing a complete remodel). Crown Tiles has a wide range of kitchen wall tiles and you are sure you find many option to suit your ideal look, don’t forget you can order samples of tiles so that you can check your chosen tiles in your kitchen and get a better feel for what these tiles will look like.

What about Splashbacks?

Splashbacks are a popular element to kitchens, often being found around the edges of all counter tops or just behind the kitchen taps and oven. Crown Tiles has a number of tiles that can be used for this purpose, simply browse and order your sample.

What Tiles should you have on your Kitchen Floors?

Kitchen floor tiles take quite a battering as the room is often one of the most used in the house, for this reason these tiles need to be tough and hard wearing as well as aesthetically pleasing. Many people also prefer to use non-slip kitchen floor tiles in the kitchen due to the possibility of spillages on the floor. Crown Tiles offers a large number of kitchen floor tiles which would be ideal for your kitchen, simply check out the tiles on offer and the images of these tiles to get a better idea of what these tiles will look like when laid on your kitchen floor.


If you want any advice or knowledge on the best kind of kitchen wall or floor tile for your kitchen, simply contact Crown Tiles today on 0800 156 0756 and speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be able to help you. They can also give you advice about the equipment needed to fit these tiles to your kitchen walls and floors; simply give them a call today.