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Features & Benefits - Tempo Programmable Thermostat

Better easy to use interface and intuitive design

  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Clear screen displaying program details, room temperature and current time.
  • Easy control with dial and sliders

Faster Setup takes just minutes to get right the first time

  • In just a few steps, adjust the program settings to suit individual's needs.
  • A mode for every need; manual, automatic and frost protection
  • Comfort temperature can be changed easily at any time.


  • Enables you to choose the time as easily as they would with a watch or clock and quickly set their programs - eat on when you want it and off when you don't need it.


Features & Benefits - 3ie    Programmable Thermostat


  • first touch-thermostat with a 2” full-colour screen
  • first thermostat with Active Energy Management™
  • easy-to-use user interface - no instructions required
  • works with any floor probe - easy upgrade option from your existing floor thermostat


  • graphical display of your program makes adjustment quick and easy
  • choose the display type that suits you best; wide choice of screen themes


  • automatically adjusts to changing conditions in your room, your home and even the seasons, to give optimal start-up times - no wasted energy (self-learning Proportional Adaptive Function)



 Warmup 3iE Thermostat installation manual

Download the Warmup 3iE Thermostat installation manual.

download now 

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