Information About 3ie Thermostat For Tile & Stone Floors

The Warmup 3iE? is also the first programmable thermostat to come with Active Energy Management?, which can save you up to 10% on your energy bills by actively prompting you to test lower energy consumption levels.

The new 3iE? programmable thermostat strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Proportional Adaptive Regulation

The 3IE analyses the past performances of each cycle and, based on results, it optimises the commands sent to the heating system. This regulation minimises temperature variations and maximises comfort.

Conventional Regulation with Anticipation

Simple regulation which sends On/Off commands to the heating system according to a pre-selected temperature variation. The thermostat control algorithm includes an anticipation function which reduces the discrepancy between the thermostat reading and the temperature at the centre of the room.

Features & Benefits - 3iE Programmable Thermostat


  • first touch-thermostat with a 2” full-colour screen
  • first thermostat with Active Energy Management?
  • easy-to-use user interface - no instructions required
  • works with any floor probe - easy upgrade option from your existing floor thermostat


  • graphical display of your program makes adjustment quick and easy
  • choose the display type that suits you best; wide choice of screen themes


  • automatically adjusts to changing conditions in your room, your home and even the seasons, to give optimal start-up times - no wasted energy (self-learning Proportional Adaptive Function)


3iE Programmable Thermostat

Supply voltage

220-240V, 50Hz



Floor probe length

3 m


floor / air / external

Battery back up

60 minutes

Dimensions (H/W/D)

90 x 110 x 30 mm

Screen Dimensions

35 x 50 mm

IP rating

IP 20









Underfloor Heating Running Costs

Many people assume that running a whole-house electrical heating system will be costlier than their gas boiler system, simply because gas is currently cheaper than electricity. This, however, is just not the case...
How much will it cost to heat my room?
BATHROOM 4m² 2hrs 2hrs £19.91
KITCHEN 5m² 1hr 2hrs £19.27
LOUNGE 15m² 0hr 3hrs £54.19
*Assumptions: 8p/kWh - system on 6 months (183 days) per winter. System installed on 10mm Warmup Insulation Board. Average floor heating running cost after initial heat-up period.
Daily Underfloor Heating Costs For Different Rooms
Running costs will always depend on the room size and the running time, as well as how well the room is insulated. To get an accurate idea of typical running costs, see the table and notes below.
Daily cost (in pence) of running a Warmup Heating System as sole-source heating.

Warmup® Warranties & SafetyNet? Guarantee

Warmup® systems are the only heaters in the market accredited by all of these leading independent test institutions whose safety marks are recognised worldwide: ASTA BEAB, CE, KEMA, SEMKO, NEMKO, UL, GS and VDE. Our confidence in our products allows you to enjoy two original and comprehensive backup policies with us.

Warmup® Undertile Heating systems carry a Lifetime Warranty.  These heaters are warranted for the lifetime of the floor covering under which they are fitted, so you have greater peace of mind. Our installation methods are straight-forward, but accidents do happen.  For such instances, Warmup has in place a unique SafetyNet? Installation Guarantee. 

Other Warmup® products carry respective warranties as follows:

Warmup® Inscreed Heating Cable - 10-year WarrantyWarmup® Carbon Heater - 30-year WarrantyWarmup® Foil Heater - 15-year WarrantyWarmup® Thermostats - 3-year WarrantyWarmup® Mirror Demisters - 1-year Warranty

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